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Water Softener Systems

Experience the benefits of our Water Softener Systems, designed to combat water hardness effectively

Our range includes systems tailored for various applications. The installation of our Water Softener System promises a rapid return on investment, thanks to reduced energy consumption, extended appliance lifespan, and fewer plumbing repairs. You’ll enjoy increased longevity for all water-fed equipment, and the need for special chemicals in boilers, cooling tower makeup, and steam handling equipment will be significantly reduced, extending the service life of your equipment.

Industrial and Commercial Water Softener Systems

Discover our industrial and commercial-grade fully automatic self-regenerating water softeners, meticulously crafted to meet your specific needs. We offer single-tank, twin-tank, triple, or quad-tank softeners equipped with flow meter-initiated regeneration cycles, all manufactured with high-quality industry components.

Our systems feature flow meter-initiated controllers, ensuring optimal salt and water consumption, with regeneration occurring only when gallon capacity is exhausted. Our liquid brine conversion kits can be easily customized to adapt to existing dry salt brine systems. Moreover, our salt recycling systems enhance efficiency, reducing total salt consumption by 40% while maintaining capacity and effluent quality.

Tailor-Made Water Softener Systems

Our custom-engineered water softener systems are designed to meet virtually any specification and size requirement. Our dedicated consultation teams are ready to provide swift assistance throughout the planning, design, specification writing, and installation phases of your custom system. Additionally, our Rainbow Water Field Service technicians offer on-site support during equipment startup and calibration programming.

No matter where you need Water Softener Services—in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Ft Worth, Corpus Christi, Brownsville, Beaumont, or elsewhere—we’re equipped to support all Makes and Models.