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Condensate Polisher Systems

For Refining Returned Condensate Water

Condensate Polisher Systems An Economical Solution for Condensate Return Water Re-Purification

In various industries, the need to optimize heat transfer loads (BTUs) and reduce boiler blowdown losses while adhering to strict boiler feed water quality standards has led to a search for alternatives. Historically, boiler blowdown has been the conventional method for improving and maintaining water quality within a plant’s steam cycle. However, a more sustainable approach involves minimizing the use of untreated cold water by recycling polished condensate water.

Extensive research has demonstrated that increasing the reuse of condensate leads to reduced makeup water requirements, resulting in cost savings through reduced chemical and fuel consumption. This cost-effective strategy is particularly advantageous for energy power plants that generate substantial condensate return. It ensures the supply of high-purity water for the protection of critical equipment such as boilers, steam generators, reactors, and heat exchangers.

Condensate polishers are integral components of sophisticated industrial processes. Depending on specific flow rate needs, they can be configured with single or multi-alternating vessels. Our pre-engineered systems incorporate cold water backwash and rinse configurations, with custom mid internal backwash distributors facilitating upflow drain washing of contaminants from the top of the resin bed, all without requiring a full brine regeneration process. Automated flushing cycles effectively remove accumulated impurities and iron solids from the resin, preventing fouling and prolonged pressure differentials across the bed.

At Rainbow Water, we offer a selection of skid-mounted, pre-piped, pre-wired, factory-tested, and fully automatic systems to expedite installation and startup procedures in the field. With years of hands-on experience, Rainbow Water Purification is dedicated to meeting the needs of customers seeking high-quality condensate reuse water for their plant’s makeup feed water.

Our team of 1st Water System Master Service Technicians is readily available to provide consulting, retrofitting, recalibration, and technical support, ensuring industry-compliant operations for all Condensate Polisher Units.